Addictions and Habits

Control Addiction With Hypnosis

Control Addictions and Habits

When a behavioural pattern or activity becomes uncontrollable and obsessive, you may feel like you have no control over your actions. The first step in tacking addictions is to first recognise the problem and then seek help. 

A vast number of people find hypnosis remarkably beneficial as a tool to help combat addictions, significantly reducing impulsive actions that are difficult to control. 

Take Control, Live Your Life Fully

Addictions can manifest in many forms, ranging from drug and gambling to alcohol and smoking. 
The cause of addiction can vary, but are often classified as either behavioural or chemical and can often cross over, becoming more difficult to control. 

It’s believed that mental health and traumatic experiences at a young age can increase the chances of developing behavioural patterns that link to addiction, and most often tackling the cause of the addiction is equally as important as tackling the addiction itself. 

Through hypnosis, I aim to identify the warning signs of addiction and fundamentally get to the underlying root cause. In order to regain that lifestyle balance, I can help you take back control through the alteration of behavioural patterns and thought processes.

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