Weight Loss

Individual Weight Loss Programme

Weight related body issues are as unique and individual as the blueprint of our identity and personality. They are always linked to an individual’s life experience and personal history, which can be complicated to resolve. 

Finding the right kind of support is the key to your success and I will be totally honest, it requires 100% commitment from you! 

Combat Your Struggle With Food

Throughout my career I’ve worked with many clients and have developed my own form of support, based on the creation of a series of sessions into a personal weight loss programme.

This begins with an initial free consultation meeting to determine your goals and dreams, to identify the blocks and life issues that have prevented a positive relationship with food in the past. 

Living in a high speed demanding world,  we are all expected to take responsibility for our own health and well-being. We are becoming aware of the reality that the NHS is stretched to capacity and weight related illness and stressful lifestyles bring challenges we all face on a daily basis, with diabetes now known to be one of the leading disorders which can creep up on people unexpectedly, leading to more serious illnesses.
An approach that works for one client may not be appropriate for another and I feel that by creating you a unique Hypnotherapy Programme, you have greater ability to reach a weight that enables you and your body to live in harmony.

My passion is to get it right for you individually and your feedback between sessions about your struggles as well as progression is really important. This will aid in the development of our programme so we can focus on the right goals in your next sessions.

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