Improve Sleep

Improve Your Sleep

We all need sleep to build our energy, improve our productivity and improve our mood.

There are many reasons why we may not be getting sufficient sleep, we may be affected by our lifestyle, physical conditions, psychological issues, side effects of medication, work patterns, 

Recharge Yourself

The problem can vary, including difficulty getting to sleep, difficulty staying asleep and having sufficient sleep to feel refreshed and restored the next day.

It’s important to check with your Doctor that there are no physical conditions impacting on your health and well-being.

Having a personal programme of support means that your own difficulties with sleep can be addressed – in line with your lifestyle and the wider issues relating to sleep deprivation.

Beginning with the free 30 minute Consultation Session to determine the present sleep issues you want to address and creating new sleep patterns.

Between sessions I ask you to email feedback of your progress – this provides me with critical information on which to plan and prepare the next session.

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