Alcohol Reduction

Reduce Alcohol Consumption

Drinking alcohol is often an enjoyable social part of our lives and for many people they can take it or leave it. When it begins to overshadow our health and well-being then the merits are outweighed by the problems it can create.

Having one too many can begin the downward slope to secret drinking, serious health related issues, the breakdown of relationships and family life and becoming dependant on alcohol!

Combat Your Struggle Drink

Waking up with a hangover, that morning after feeling and realisation that this drinking habit is becoming problematic may be where you are right now!

Moderating your drinking, easing back on your alcohol consumption and living a healthier lifestyle can be achieved through Hypnotherapy support. By understanding your particular life stresses and what motivates your excessive drinking enables me to create a programme of support to help you to take back control.

The longer term effects of excessive drinking affect your health, your ability to think clearly, affects your mood and it damages your liver.

Guilt, fear, regret and anxiety can create a cycle of drinking. Binge drinking is becoming a major social problem for many people and can be difficult to halt if not addressed.

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